2019 Summer Activities List

Kindergarten Summer Activities

Ms. Lopez & Ms. Patterson

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As your child prepares for Kindergarten there are a few things that we would like them to work on in order to be best prepared to succeed.

1.    Work on having your child write his/her name. Please write it at least 30 times and send this paper in on the first day.

2.    Help your child read 20 minutes a day. This can include reading to them, reading with them or having them read. Make a list of books they have read or you have read to them. This will be added into their reading grade for the first marking period.

3.    Have your child practice tying his/her shoes

4.    Have your children count by 1’s to 100. Have your child write numbers 1-20 and bring this in on the first day. This will be a grade for the first marking period.

We can’t wait to meet you and your children,

The Kindergarten Teachers

First Grade Summer Activities

Ms. Mikalauskas

Supplies- Please get all supplies over the summer and bring on the first day of school. Homework will begin on September 3rd. Your child needs all items on the list so please double check the list. Homework grade will be given for this.

Daily Journal- Have your child write 3 sentences each night about what he/she did that day. All words should be sounded out by your child- do not spell for them. The date should be written at the top. Your child needs to write 2 spaces tall. *A writing grade will be given the first day of school, so please make sure your child brings it in. A zero will be given for incomplete work or work not done by the student.

Sight word list of 40 words was sent home with your child. Your child will be given a reading test grade the first day of school with these words.

Book Report- Read daily. Pick 3 books and write a book report for each.

List- Title/Author, Characters, Setting, Plot. The writing should be done by the child. He/She needs to sound out each word. *Writing Grade will be given first day of school. A zero will be given for incomplete work or work not done by the student.

Second Grade Summer Activities

Mr. McGinley

Students will read books they received for the School District of Philadelphia. Your child will pick one book to crate a neat and organized book report about the book. The book report will be shared with the class. The book report and the oral presentation will be graded. In addition, students are required to complete “Kids Learn! Getting Ready for 2nd Grade.” This also will be a graded Your child will receive a reading and math grade for the completed book. These assignments will be score and graded like a typical test for class.

Student Name______________________________________

Title ______________________________________________


The story was ________________________________________________________________


Describe what happened in the beginning of the story?


Describe what happened in the middle of the story?


Describe what happened in the end of the story?


Did you like this book? Tell why or why not?



Third Grade Summer Activities – Ms. Clark

1. Complete the Ready for 3rd grade workbook ( if the student received one)
2. Practice multiplication facts

Fourth Grade Smmer Activities
Ms. Nachman – Math and Science

Dear Incoming Fourth Grade Parents,

Summer vacation is almost here! Reading, like a sport, involves practice and skill. The more students practice with encouragement, suggestions and praise, the better opportunity they have to become better and more confident readers. Years of experience and research-based data have shown that students who do not read during the summer lose important skills that they have acquired during the school year. Many students drop two or more whole reading levels during the summer months.

In order to avoid any regression in reading, we are requiring that your child read the book below. He/she will also have to complete activities that go along with the book. These assignments are due when we return to school in September and will be worth 2 reading test grades. We are also listing books that are popular with their age group, and we suggest they read a few of these as well.


SUGGESTED READING: (these vary in reading level to make it easier for your child to find the book that best meets their needs).

*Holes (Sachar)

*How to Eat Fried Worms (Rockwell)

*Fourth Grade is a Jinx (McKenna)

*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Dahl)

*The Lemonade War (Davies)

*Firegirl (Abbott)

*The Reptile Room (Snicket)

*Double Fudge (Blume)

*School Nurse From the Black Lagoon (Thaler)

*The Homework Machine (Gutman)

*The Indian in the Cupboard (Banks)


***You must complete at least 2 of the following activities after reading the book. The activities will be counted as two test grades. You will receive extra credit if you complete the third.

1.    Write a letter to your favorite author telling him/her about yourself. This letter should be at least a page in length, and you should follow the format for a friendly letter.

2.    The main character, Leigh, goes to the butterfly trees when he is sad. Write a personal narrative about a place where you like to go when you are feeling sad.

3.    Make a story map of the book. Include the title, author, main characters, setting, problem, and solution. Write a summary for the book. Also include a picture of your favorite part.

***Students should also complete the workbook that is coming home with them and practice multiplication facts, so they know them automatically!

***Continue to use technology programs: pathways; first in math; readworks; cool math

Ms. Burrell – Language Arts and Social Studies

Fifth Grade Summer Activities

Ms. Newman

The incoming 5th graders are required to read the novel “Ghetto Cowboy” by G. Neri. You will then complete the assignments below.

Assignment #1: Reading Log to be completed during summer break

Due: Tuesday, September 3rd to Grade 5 Literacy Teacher

You will create five journal entries for the novel you select. For each journal entry, choose a significant quote from the novel. Write the quote and record the page number on which the quote is found. Explain the significance of the quote: What does the quote show about the characters, setting, conflict, plot, or theme? Can you make any text-to-text, text-to-self, or text-to-world connections?

You may use the following sentence starters for assistance if necessary:

This reminds me of…

This made me wonder…

I think _________ will happen next because

This quote means…

If I were (name of character), I would…

It seems fair/unfair that…

Your journal entries should be 5-7 sentences each. All journals need to be typed using 12-point font, Times New Roman, and double spaced lines. If you do not have access to a computer over the summer, you may hand-write your journals using blue or black ink. Your journals will count as a writing grade for the 1st marking period.

Assignment #2: Multiple Choice Assessment: Will be completed after the summer break

Assessment Window: Tuesday, September 3rd– Friday, September 13th

You will be given a multiple-choice assessment on the mandatory summer novel. You will take the assessment in your Literacy class on the date your Literacy teacher assigns it. This will count as a test grade for the 1st marking period. You will not be permitted to use the novel on the assessment. Below is a sample study guide for how to best prepare.

As you read your novel, take note of the following:

Main Characters and critical Minor Characters

Plot (Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution)

Conflicts throughout the novel

Setting and/or how the setting changes throughout the novel

Characters interactions with one another, feelings, emotions, actions

Possible themes or lessons

Ms. McLaughlin

Sixth Grade Summer Activities

Mr. Godwin – Math and Science

Ms. Gadomski – Language Arts and Social Studies

7th Grade Summer Activities

Ms. Jean – Language Arts and Social Studies

Ms. Smith – Math and Science

Complete the “Getting ready for 8th grade” workbook.

Eighth Grade Summer Activities

Mr. Witte – Language Arts and Social Studies

These assignments are 50 points each.

Students will read The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie. Students will then select a character from each novel and complete a character sketch about them. This should be at least one page, typed, size 12 Arial font, 1.5 line spacing.

What is a character sketch?

A character sketch is a written portrait of a character, their personality, their actions, and how they develop over the course of a novel. Students should use examples from the text to support their ideas. Students may use direct quotes or put the example in their own words.

Students may use the following guide to help them develop their ideas.

What is this character’s background? (Did they have a good life growing up? Where are they from? What do we know about their lives prior to (before) the story?)

What is this character’s personality like? (Brave? Kind? Malicious? Cowardly? Nervous? Confident?)

How did the events in the novel affect this character? (Did they learn anything? Did they change? If they did change, are they better or worse than before? How did they change? Why did they change or why didn’t they change? Are they stronger as a person or weaker than they were at the start?)

Why did you choose this character?

An example of what a completed character sketch can look like:


Mr. Alford – Math and Science

Visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rNdPUdiVj3krEUL2I0WUdaqGTMVP797FgD8WjXR0jEA/edit?usp=sharing

This will be a test grade worth 100 points.

Ms. Connor – Music

Click on this link:


1. Click on the “take the video tour” link, this will explain in detail how to use the site.

2. You have three choices:

a: Learn A Song – you can learn keyboards, guitar, drums, bass, and more from popular songs (100 points when you perform the part(s) you learned)

b: Take A Lesson – you can get specific lessons on a variety of instruments (100 points when you demonstrate the part(s) you learned)

c: Practice – for musicians with some experience you can hone specific skills (100 points when you demonstrate the skill(s) learned)

Have fun with this assignment! Looking forward to a great 2019-2020 in music!

Ms. Connor

P.S. Practice your skills for McB, the McCloskey Lion Band