Grades K-1 First Hundred Words

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Bullying and Harassment Policy

Student Code of Conduct

2018-19 Grading Calendar

Kindergarten Marking Guidelines

Understanding the Kindergarten Report Card

Grades 1-3 Marking Guidelines

Understanding Report Cards, Grades 1 to 3

Home Supports for Literacy, Grades K-8

Grades 4-8 Marking Guidelines

Parent Guide To Reading Levels Kindergarten To Grade 3

Grades K-1 First Hundred Words

High Frequency Words. Grades K-3

Home Supports for Literacy, Grades K-8

Student Images

         One of our new initiatives is to include as many pictures of student life as possible on our website.  In order to publish pictures with students inside the school, we need a signed permission form, which you can download and print by clicking on the link below.

Site Permission

If your child appears on the website, they will only be identified by first name, if at all.  Before the page is posted, we will notify you by email that we are going to use it, at which point, you can ask us not to, which we will gladly comply with.  No picture will ever be used on the website without permission.

Please sign and return this form  as soon as possible.

Students of the Month!

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