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School Day

  1. School Hours
  2. Attendance
  3. Lateness
  4. Dismissal
  5. Early Dismissal
  6. Late Pickups
  7. School Security
  8. Inclement Weather
  9. School Closings
  10. Safety Drills and Emergencies
  11.  Meals
    1. Cafeteria Rules
    2. Recess Rules

School Environment

  1. Expectations
  2. Discipline
  3. Traffic Flow
  4. Hall Travel
  5. Hall Noise
  6. Time Out / Buddy Teachers
  7. Cell Phones and Other Electronics

Home / School Connection

  1. Home & School Association
  2. Parent and Emergency Contacts
  3. Notices
  4. Report Cards
  5. Uniform Policy


  1. Health Room
  2. Medical Requirements
  3. Medicine

Supports and Enrichment

  1. Support Staff
  2. Telephone Numbers
  3. Supports and Enrichment
  4. Sports and Clubs
  5. Books and Materials


School Hours

School hours are from 8:30 a.m. until 3:09 p.m. each day. Students should NOT arrive earlier than 8:00 a.m. or remain on the school grounds later that 3:15 p.m. unless they are participating in a supervised school activity. SCHOOL DOORS WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL 8:00 a.m. EACH SCHOOL DAY in the CAFETERIA. Supervision WILL NOT be provided for students who arrive before 8:00 a.m. or remain later than 3:30 p.m. These procedures are designed for the safety and well being of the student.

NOTE: Staff begin monitoring of students in the schoolyard at 8:15am.

****Students are to enter the school through the schoolyard doors until 8:35am daily. Any students arriving after 8:35am will enter through the main entrance on Gowen Street and be given a late pass.****

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Attendance Rules and Procedures

The educational program offered by the School District is based upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. Therefore student attendance is very important to a student achieving success.

A note signed by a parent/caregiver must be brought to school after each absence, indicating the dates and reasons for the absence.  Absences will be coded “unexcused” if a note is not provided.

When a pupil is absent for three days due to illness, a written note from the doctor documenting the medical necessity for the absence must be brought to the teacher the day of their return.

In addition, every effort must be made to make up work missed as a result illness or other excused absence.  Work missed because of absence can lower academic grades.  Students are responsible for making up work missed as result of suspension or other means.

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Coming to school is your child’s job. There are consequences for being late. Therefore, when your child arrives late to school, there are certain consequences for him/her.  They will report to the late desk for a late slip.  No child will be admitted to class without a late slip.  Repeated tardiness will result in penalties and may require detentions, parent-teacher conferences and/or parent- administrator conferences for 3-8 grade students. Lateness due to appointments must be accompanied with a note in order to be excused.

Excessive lateness and/or absences will result in students and parents being referred to Truancy Court and/or DHS.

Excessive lateness could result in a student being excluded from school trips and other school activities.

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Students will be dismissed daily to the yard. The bell rings at 3:09 pm. Your child be dismissed based on a staggered schedule:

  • (K-1, Portable 3pm)
  • (2nd, Portable 3:05pm)
  • (3-4th, Front Stairs 3:05pm)
  • (5-6th, Rear Stairs 3:09pm)
  • (7-8, Front Stairs 3:09pm)

Parents and or designees should meet their student(s) in the schoolyard.  Please do not attempt to access the school through the front door at dismissal time.

Students in grade K-6 will dismiss to the yard with their teachers and line up on their room number. Parents or designees are not to pull children out of their lines before they reach their room number in the yard. Students in grades 1-3 who need to meet siblings should remain at their class line and wait for their sibling.

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Early Dimissals

Students are not permitted to leave school by themselves for Early Dismissal.  Our academic program must not be interrupted.  Please make every effort to schedule medical/dental appointments after the school day is over.  If you must request an Early Dismissal (true emergencies only), you must submit a note to your child’s teacher stating the date and time for Early Dismissal.  No students will be dismissed after 2:40 PM – this regulation will be strictly enforced.  Please do not request anyone to go against this regulation.  Only those persons listed on your child’s Emergency Contact Form are permitted to take your child from school – identification will be required.  Nobody will be dismissed to anyone under the age of eighteen. Again, this is School District Procedure, and it is for the safety of your child.

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Late Pick-ups

Late pick-ups cause children unnecessary stress.  In addition, we do not have staff available to remain with children after the regular scheduled dismissal time.  Please plan ahead and avoid this problem.  Students whose escorts are late picking them up will be brought back into the building to the main office.  Repeated occurrences of late pick-up may result in notification to the Department of Human Services (DHS).

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Safety for our children and staff is a crucial factor. All of our doors will be locked from the outside and you must be buzzed in after 8:45am. You must have identification to enter the building.All visitors must stop at the main office of the school to sign in a receive a visitor’s pass.

Parents of K-1 students must drop children off in the school yard by 8:30 AM, they may not escort the child to class through the doors in the annex.

All of these security protocols are for the safety of your children.

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Inclement Weather

Admission:  In rainy or snowy weather, or when the temperature dips below freezing, the school will admit children at 8:00 a.m.  Grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 4 will report to the lunchroom for breakfast, then move to the auditorium. Alternately, they may go straight to the auditorium from the cafeteria side door.  Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 will report to the lunchroom from the cafeteria side door. Supervision will be in those locations.  This is an opportunity for all students to enjoy breakfast before the school day begins.

Children who fail to follow the rules during this time may be held for detention.  Please let your children know that they are to come in and take a seat in their designated area. (Auditorium or Cafeteria)

Dismissals: During inclement weather dismissal will be the same, in the large yard. If there is heavy rain, ice or snow in the yard, students will dismiss through the front door. Please listen to the weather reports and dress your children accordingly.

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School Closings

When severe weather creates hazardous conditions, the regular school schedule may be suspended to ensure students’ safety.  It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to monitor news reports via the School District of Philadelphia website, television and radio stations. Announcements are normally broadcasted between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. The NEWS stations will announce school closures and KYW1060 AM radio. Students may also listen to the TV for information concerning the closing of school.

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Emergency and Safety Drills

Fire drills, as required by law, will be held at regular intervals. Such practice is important and should be approached seriously. Specific instructions for evacuation of the building will be given on the first day of school at the beginning of the fall term.

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Serving of Breakfast and Lunch

All students are entitled to a free breakfast and lunch. McCloskey provides breakfast and lunch for all students daily. Nutritious meals are prepared.  Junk food is not allowed. Kindergarten students eat breakfast with their class. Grades 1st-8th eat from 8:00a.m. – 8:25a.m in the lunchroom. Lunch is served in three intervals from 10:45 am (Kindergarten and 8th) 11:15am (1st-4th) and 12:15pm (5th-7th).

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Cafeteria Rules

The Behavioral Support Team monitors the lunchroom.  These adults are School District Employees and are the adults in charge of your student during this time.  Your child is to listen to them and adhere to the lunchroom rules.

  • Enter quietly and be seated.
  • Eat your lunch in an orderly fashion.
  • Speak softly.
  • Remain in your seat.
  • Clean your tables.
  • Respect everyone at all times.
  • Do not re-enter the building during recess.
  • Start lining up at the 1st bell/whistle.
  • No cans or glass bottles are allowed in school.

Also, junk food is discouraged. Please do not bring in McDonalds, or other fast foods during your child’s lunch. Remind your child that the lunchroom is for eating and that appropriate behavior is expected at all times. All school rules and consequences will be enforced.

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Outdoor Recess Expectations

  • All students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given.
  • All students are expected to take care of personal needs such as using the bathroom.
  • All students are expected to play in designated area only.
  • All students are expected to keep their hands and feet to themselves at all times.
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School-Wide Behavior Expectations for Students

Student responsibilities include regular school attendance, conscientious effort in classroom work, and conformance to school rules and regulations. No student has the right to interfere with the education of fellow students. It is the responsibility of each student to respect the rights of teachers, students, administrators and all others who are involved in the educational process. Students should express their ideas and opinions in a respectful manner so as not to offend or slander others.

Classroom Expectations for Students:

  • Arrive at school and all classes on time.All students, in all grades, are expected to wear school uniforms.
  • All students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given.
  • All students are expected to bring books, notebooks, pencils and all other required supplies.
  • Students are NOT to bring scissors to school.  The school will furnish scissors for any project when necessary.
  • Students are not to bring any electronic articles to school. This includes hand-held electronic games or other small electronic things. The school will not be responsible for them if they are lost or stolen.
  • All students are expected to raise their hands and wait to be called on when answering questions and taking part in classroom discussions.
  • All students are expected to use appropriate and respectable language at all times.
  • All students are expected to refrain from wearing hats or any other headgear in the school building.
  • All students are expected not to eat during instructional times.
    Some teachers do include a snack time during their daily schedules, which is an exception.

Lunchroom Expectations

  • All students are expected to follow directions the first time they are given.
  • All students are expected to stay in assigned seats unless given permission to move by a supervising adult.
  • All students are expected to clean up after themselves and place all trash in the containers.
  • There will be no running, yelling or roaming in the hallways.
  • The school bathrooms are not play areas. Vandalism of the bathroom areas are considered a serious School District of Philadelphia offense that will lead to out-of-school suspension.

NOTE: Students who consistently display disruptive behaviors may be assigned the following:

  • Lunch detention
  • Afterschool detention
  • In-school suspension
  • Out-of-school suspension
  • Disciplinary school assignment
  • Disciplinary school assignment w/Expulsion Referral

These are consequences outlined in the School District of Philadelphia Code of Conduct.

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Each staff member at McCloskey accepts responsibility for the maintenance of discipline and for the promotion of a program for the development of wholesome human relations. A student’s behavior should conform to acceptable standards of conduct as established by the principal and teachers. The staff requests parental support in helping maintain appropriate conduct in the school. Student’s behavior should reflect self-respect and consideration for the rights, feelings, and property of others.

Students will be subject to progressive discipline that is explained in the School District of Philadelphia Code of Conduct.

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Flow Of Traffic


  • K-2 Portable, 1st – 8:30
  • 5-6 Portable, 2nd 8:34
  • 3-4, IMC Door 8:30am, 1st
  • 7-8, IMC 2nd – 8:34am

School Day

  • Front Stairwell (7-8 Up/Down)
  • Rear Stairwell (5-6 Up/Down)


  • K-1 Portable 3pm
  • 2nd Portable 3:05pm
  • 3-4 Front Stairs 3:05pm
  • 5-6 Rear Stairs 3:09pm
  • 7-8 Front Stairs 3:09pm
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Hallway Noise Level

To improve our school-wide climate, all students must focus on low noise levels in the hallway when transitioning to different parts of the building throughout the school day.

School-wide Strategy: Noise Level Markers from 0-5

0 – Silent is Golden (No Voices)
1 –  Spy Talk  (Whisper to One Person)
2 –  Low Flow  (Only Your Group Can Hear You)
3 – Formal Normal  (Normal Talking Voice)
4 – Loud Crowd  (Presenting Voice/Everyone Can Hear)
5 – Out of Control  (Recess Voice/Outside Only)

Hallway Travel (Messengers/Nurse/Bathroom)

Students must travel in pairs and with an official McCloskey Hall Pass to go to other parts of the building.  Sending two messengers with a sick youngster to the nurse is the ideal situation. (3 total)

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Buddy Room Procedures: Safety

Buddy Rooms are to be used for a 20-30-minute timeout for students exhibiting behavioral challenges in the classroom. A student sent to a Buddy Room should be escorted by two other students with an official McCloskey Hall Pass to ensure arrival or to report elopement. If the student refuses to report to the Buddy Class, a corresponding member of the Behavioral Support Team should be contacted.

Each teacher should connect with one of the three Buddy Teachers identified on the Buddy List document that will be distributed in September.

NOTE: Specialist Teachers will be a part of this Buddy Room network as well – sending and receiving students when necessary.

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Cell Phones and other Mobile Devices

Cell phones and other mobile devices, while a useful communication tool, are more distracting than helpful in a learning environment. At McCloskey, we do not encourage children to bring cell phones to school.  We do however, recognize that certain family circumstances benefit from children being able to communicate with parents both before and after school.  To that end, if a child brings a cell phone to school, it is at that child’s own risk. No broken or lost cell phones will be replaced by McCloskey or the School District of Philadelphia.

Parents needing to contact their children in an emergency can call the school at 215.400.3380 and speak to the Secretary, Dean of Students, or the Principal, who will relay a message.

In accordance with school district policy, students found with a cell phone during the school day are subject to confiscation, and consequences from afterschool detention to suspension.

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Home & School

Our Home & School Association will hold monthly meetings. We ask that you make time to attend these meetings.  Your child’s educational program is enhanced when you are a part of the process.  Your Home & School Association is the vehicle that will keep you informed of how the home and school is working together for the good of the children.

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Change in student Information / Emergency Contacts

It is imperative that the school office be notified immediately of a change of address, home or office telephone number, or emergency information during the academic school year.

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School Notices

One of our ways to contact all of our parents is through weekly communication folders, which are sent home every Tuesday.  Frequently, the school and/or the Home & School Association send notices home.  Every month a calendar of events is published which outlines important events of the month.  We ask that you impress upon your child the importance of taking ALL notices home.  Please notify your child’s daycare agency of events that may impact on arrival and dismissal times.

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Report Cards

Report cards are issued four (4) times during the school year.  They are given to parents during the Parent/Teacher Conference.  Those conferences will be held in November 2017 for the first marking period, in February, 2018 for the second marking period and in May 2018 for the third.  Reports cards issued for the fourth marking period will be sent home at the end of the school year. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s academic or social progress, please call and make an appointment with the teacher.  Teachers cannot take phone calls or drop-in visits during instructional time.

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Attire and Grooming Regulations

The dress code will be strictly enforced. The following are accepted attire for McCloskey Students:

Kindergarten – 6th grade

Boys – Navy slacks, light blue button down shirts, light blue polo shirts, navy blue tie, navy blue sweaters. Navy shorts, Navy or black socks with shorts.

Rubber bottom shoes. No open-toe shoes (e. g. slides, flip flops)

Girls – Navy blue skirts, navy jumper dress, navy slacks, light blue button down shirts, light blue polo shirts, navy blue sweaters, navy blue tights, cross tie.

Navy shorts, Navy or black socks with shorts.

Rubber bottom shoes. No open-toe shoes (e. g. slides, flip flops)

Girls should NOT wear hoop earrings larger than a quarter.

Students in 7th and 8th grade: Middle Years Academy

Boys– Tan/khaki slacks, light blue or white oxford shirts, white polo shirts, navy blue blazer or sweater, navy blue tie.

Tan/khaki shorts. Solid Black or white socks with shorts.

Rubber bottom shoes. No open-toe shoes (e. g. slides, flip flops)

Girls- Tan/khaki slacks, skirts, light blue or white oxford shirts, white polo shirts, navy blue blazer or sweater, navy blue cross tie and navy or tan tights.

Tan/khaki shorts. Solid Black or white socks with shorts.

Rubber bottom shoes. No open-toe shoes (e. g. slides, flip flops)

Girls should NOT wear hoop earrings larger than a quarter.

On Gym days, a gym uniform is required. The uniform is blue T-Shirt, McCloskey T-shirt and navy shorts or sweat pants and rubber soled shoes. Students not dressed in proper uniform will not be able to participate in gym activities.

No hats, oversized shirts or baggy pants will be accepted as well as sweatbands.  No blue jeans under student’s dress or skirt are acceptable.  NO HOODIES ARE ALLOWED IN SCHOOL.

NOTE: Students who are repeatedly not in uniform may receive lunch or after-school Detentions.First Infraction: Student ReminderSecond Infraction: Telephone Call Home to Parent/GuardianThird Infraction: Lunch recess detentionFourth Infraction: Afterschool detention

Homeroom teachers will note which students are out of uniform each morning.

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School Health Services

School nurses have as their primary goal to insure that all students are in optimum health and that existing health problems do not create barriers to learning.

To achieve this goal school nurses have a number of responsibilities, including performing/conducting health screenings for vision, hearing, growth, and scoliosis at designated intervals mandated by the PA Department of Health and the PA Department of Education.

Physical examinations and health histories are required upon entry to school and again in grades 6 and 9.  Parents are expected to have these examinations performed by their primary health providers.  Additionally, dental examinations are required for kindergarten and grades 3rd and 7th.  Parents are expected to have these examinations completed by their family dentists.

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Health Requirements

Immunizations: “No Shots, No School”. All students entering school for the first time are required to have proof of immunization against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, mumps, measles, and rubella.

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Students who require medication during school hours may have these services if the child’s doctor completes a “Request for Administration of Medication” (Form MED-1).  The form may be obtained from the school nurse.  The form must be completed by the doctor and authorized by the parent. Once approved by the school nurse, medications must be brought to school in their original packaging with the pharmacy label affixed.  In the case of inhalers, they must be in the original box with the pharmacy label.  When the nurse is not in school, other School District staff that has been taught by the nurse may give the medication under the guidelines established by the School District of Philadelphia.

If your child has any health problem(s) or is taking prescription medication for any reason, even if it is not taken at school, it is important for you to discuss this with the school nurse.  Many medications have side effects that would be important for the staff and faculty to know.  Over the counter or short-term medications may not be sent to school with your child without a physician’s prescription and/or a request from the parent in writing.

Possession of medication by a student without authorization by the school nurse will result in disciplinary action.  The sharing of medication with another student will be deemed an aggravated offense under the Code of Student Conduct.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these or any other health matters, please feel free to contact Nurse Coleman at 215-400-3380

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Support Staff

Mr. D. Jones Principal
Mr. S. Cohen Dean of Students / Literacy Lead
Ms. S. Talley Secreratary
Ms. D. Henderson Climate Support Specialist
Ms. J. Coleman Nurse
Ms. J. Steptoe Counselor
Ms. L.Green K-6 Math Coach
Mr. D. Parfitt Special Education Liaison

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Phone Numbers

Main Office (215) 400-3380

Counselor (215) 400-3380

Nurse (215) 400-3380

Fax (215) 400-3381

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Extra-Curricular and Sports Programs
Requirements for participation

Students must maintain passing grades and acceptable behavior outcomes to participate in Extra-Curricular and/or Sports programs. Any student that has a failing grade for the current report card period, an out-of-school suspension, or two outstanding afterschool detentions, cannot participate in Extra-Curricular programs or Sports programs. Remedial afterschool academic tutoring programs will support all students.

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Supportive Services / Enrichment

McCloskey School has significant supports to make sure that all of our students reach proficient and advanced levels in their instruction. Some of our supports are

  • Full-Time Counselor (K-8)
  • Dean of Students
  • Gifted Support (K-8) Algebra I Blended Learning (8th)
  • Children’s Literacy Initiative (K-3) Math Coach (K-6)
  • Foster Grandparent Tutoring Program
  • (K-2)Technology Lab
  • Web-based Academic Programs
  • Career Day
  • Middle Years Athletics
  • McCloskey Bucks Incentives
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Monthly Awards Assemblies

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Books and Materials

Every student must be prepared for work equipped with a notebook, pencils, and pens. Carry this equipment with your books to school, from school, and from class to class throughout the day, every day. Identify your books clearly with your full name, room number, and teacher’s name in the identification block in the front of the book. Use ink.

Students are responsible for all schoolbooks given to them. It is their responsibility to keep them clean and neat. The School District of Philadelphia expects all students to maintain the textbooks issued to them in good condition, to return the books when requested, and to pay for them if they are damaged or lost.

Textbooks are public property and are loaned to students. The texts should be covered for protection. Students are responsible for loss or damage of textbooks, or any other school materials.

Last modified: December 26, 2017