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Digital Literacy

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the McCloskey Digital Literacy Website! This is Mr. McDermott. I used to be the computer teacher, now I’m the Digital Literacy Teacher!  What that means is that I now do much more than teach computer science.  As technology has progressed, we are now doing much more with robots, cameras, musical instruments, scientific instruments, and so on.  The sky’s the limit!


Stepsheets and Tutorials

Project Directions

This is the place to go to get directions for the projects we are working on in the Digital Literacy Classes.  Scroll down the page and look for the lesson you wan.   Click on it and you can read the directions from the screen, download them or print them.

Portfolio Creation– The directions for creating a work portfolio can be found here.  You will need a work portfolio in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 to get a grade that is not an F.

Create a Silhouette – These are the directions to help you create a silhouette of yourself. You will need to have this in your portfolio.

Scratch Art – The directions for creating a piece of Scratch Art can be found here.  This must also be in your portfolio.


Keep your accounts up to date with these helpful tips on how to do everything from resetting your password to keeping your digital identity secure.

Resetting Your Password – First of all, any teacher, principal or counselor can help you reset your password, and responsible students should only have to do this once, the whole time they are in the School District of Philadelphia.  There may be a time, however, when you need to do this, so follow these guidelines for smooth operation of your account.

Ozobot Bit Color Codes – Have you met our latest robot friend?  Ozobot has arrived, and is ready to help you learn how to code!  This little robot is different from the others we have, because it uses color sensors to accept commands and perform tasks.  That means that all you have to do is draw a line and Ozobot will fol;ow it.  Draw a combination of colors in a line and you can tell Ozobot to do all kinds of things!  You can also program it in Blockly, the interface you learned in Scratch.Click on the link above to view or download a whole list of color programming codes for the Ozobot!

Scratch Video Tutorials

Below you will find a playlist of videos that will help you construct a Scratch app.  Click on the little box at the top left of the screen to see the videos available on this playlist.

Scratch Art Masterpieces!

The students in grades 4 through 8 have been using the Scratch app to explore repetitive pattern art.  For us this involves drawing a shape,, shifting it and drawing it again many times over, often changing colors.  Take a look at some of the outstanding work our students have created.  Do you see your work here?

Last modified: January 15, 2018