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Much of our time in the computer lab is spent learning basic computer skills, coding skills, and exploring the potential of technology to improve life.  We also spend a lot of time developing and improving basic literacy and math skills through online learning activities.

Here are some of the sites we’ve used in our class this year.

Note: First in Math and Lexia require IDs and passwords from your teacher.
Math  Literacy  Coding
Cool Math Starfall Blockly Games 

In third through fifth grade, students in the  the computer lab expand upon the skills they learned in the primary grades, and begin to learn new skills, such as word processing, spreadsheet building and web page creation. We also spend a lot of time in the Google suites, learning how to create, collaborate and share on the Internet.

Math  Literacy  Coding
Cool Math Storybird Scratch

Students in 6th through eighth grade will continue to build on the skills they learned in the previous six grades, but will expand into more specialized areas of interest, including multimedia production, learning HTML and CSS code, and robotics, when available.

Math  Literacy  Coding
Cool Math Storybird Crunchzilla

The Gifted Students in McCloskey currently span the ages of 6 to 14, and as such, have varied interests and abilities.  A current overarching theme for the fall winter of 2017-18 is electronics and robotics.  With the acquisition of several Makey-makey and Makey-makey Go kits, the acquisition of a variety of electronic supplies nd a few robots, we are venturing into the wonderful worlds of electronics, app development and robotics.

Scratch How Circuits Work
Makey-makey Gallery YouTube – Electrical Circuits
Makey-makey Go Scratch Lab Pinterest – Ideas for Gifted Students